CS591-001  Cloud Computing
Papers Schedule

Spring 2017

4/3: J. Britchkow - "Hadoop in Flight: Migrating Live MapReduce Jobs for Power-Shifting Data Centers" by C. Johnson, D. Chiu
Reviewers: Van Wyk, Lindberg, Lowe, Williams, Lee

4/3: V. Nakade - "Efficient Algorithm for Handling Dangling Pages Using Hypothetical Node" by A. Singh, R. Kumar, A. Leng
Reviewers: - Atkins, Traffanstedt, Collins, Zhang, Venkata

4/5:  Classes Canceled due to weather

4/10: S. Mahaju - "SaaS Performance and Scalability Evaluation in Clouds" by J. Gao, P. Pattabhiraman, X. Bai, W.T. Tsai
Reviewers: Hill, Lindow, Martin, Vowell, Britchkow, Nakade

4/10: P. Subedi - "Smart Shuffling in MapReduce: A Solution to Balance Network Traffic and Workloads" by W. Shi, Y. Want, JP. Corriveau, B. Niu, W Croft, M Peng
Reviewers: Hochstetler, Pope, Link, Ingram, Henderson

4/10: A. Lee - "OpenStack Security Modules: A Least-Invasive Access Control Framework for the Cloud" by Y. Luo, W. Luo, T. Puyang, Q. Shen, A. Ruan, Z. Wu
Reviewers: Tashkandi, D’Argenio, Murray, Mills, Mahaju

4/12: J. Zarobsky - "Towards an Application-Centric Fairness in Multi-Tenant Clouds with Adaptive CPU Sharing Model" by A. Ayodele, J. Rao, T. Boult
Reviewers: Valesquez, Alred, Cerice, Brinda, Lu

4/12: A. Nandina - "EMC: Emotion-Aware Mobile Cloud Computing in 5G" by M. Chen, Y. Zhang, Y. Li, S. Mao, V Leung
Reviewers: Swain, Melton, Foster, Lichtle

4/12: C. Henderson - "Performance Analysis of Object Store Systems in a Fog/Edge Computing Infrastructures" by B. Confais, A. Lebre, B. Parrein
Reviewers:  Josey, Rahman, Murphy, Patton, Zarobsky

 4/17: Y. Lu - "Hash First, Argue Later" by D. Fiore, C. Fournet, E. Shosh, M. Kohlweiss, O. Ohrimenko, B. Parno
Reviewers: Hartzog, Carl, Flaget, Subedi