CS591  Cloud Computing
Possible Papers for Presentation

Spring 2017

Paper Reviews (1 page) - Turned in when class starts on day of the presentation; Must be typed
    A good paper review includes:
        Brief description of the area of research
        Contribution of paper claimed by authors
        Brief discussion of problem/solution addressed by paper
        Criticism of the paper and how you would improve it
        What you liked about the paper
        You MUST also list 2 questions that may be presented during the class discussion

CS557 Paper Presentation Guidelines - Be ready to defend the paper
    Each presentation should be about 25-30 minutes in length, assume additional time for discussion
    A good presentation includes:
        Introduction to the topic in general
                Take several slides to do this if necessary
                If you don't think your audience has the background to understand it
                Create some slides giving them the proper background
        Description of the particular area of research
        Related work - including other author's names
        Contribution of this paper
        Describe work
                problem(s) the author(s) trying to solve
                how the paper differs from previous work done
                solution(s) being proposed
        Present any performance study and/or theoretical results
                include figures, etc. to illustrate
        Critique the paper - in your opinion what are the strong points, weak points
        Ask some specific questions of your audience
    If there is something you don't understand in the paper and there is a reference to another paper, get a copy of the other paper and look at it for additional information


Possible sources for papers:

 IEEE Cloud Conference 2016 or look for previous years

International Conference on Cloud Computing Cloudcom 2016

Inderscience Cloud Computing Journal

Utility and Cloud Computing UCC 2016
2015:  http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/mostRecentIssue.jsp?punumber=7430473

Additional sources:  IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science, etc.