Final Project
CS491/591-001 Cloud Computing
 Spring 2017


Final Project (Groups of 3-4):

a) Develop a SaaS that is hosted on AWS, Azure or Heroku.  If you use Azure, you can install Azure tools and develop an application using Visual Studio that will be hosted on Azure.

For example, you could develop a social dating site, a word processing tool, a game of your own design (not the usual, e.g. hangman).  Heroku is  PaaS that supports Ruby, PHP, Node, Python, Java, etc.  You can create a free account.


This link gives info about the Azure tools:


b) Alternatively, you can develop a SaaS that is hosted on AWS.


Develop a project that it makes sense to store on the cloud.  You should be able to answer the questions:  Why do you need the cloud for this? Does it scale? 
Some characteristics to keep in mind:  Your application may need to store info on the cloud so that it can be retrieved at a later session. If you develop a game more than one person should be able to play it,  etc.

  1. Find other group members and decide on a project.

  2. April 6 before midnight - email a list of your group members and a description of your project

  3. May 3 - Final project must be completed 1 hour before final exam time 3:30-6:00 pm.  email project IP address to