CS491/591 - Cloud Computing
Exam 1 Topics

Spring 2017


April 19 - Closed notes/book - can bring a calculator
    MapReduce - what are the components, how do they work, interact with each other, BFS, PR
    Green Computing
    Information Retrieval - from slides (not video), general questions and term vs document partitioning
    CAP Theorem
    Questions about your homework HW#4, HW#5
    Paper you read - extra credit question

Feb. 15 - Closed notes/book - Lots of short answer questions
    Questions about clouds: what is a cloud, why use a cloud, explain certain characteristics of clouds
    Virtualization - what is it; know about hypervisors: Xen, KVM
    Questions about Old and New Google File Systems (GFS), Ceph
    Parallel and distributed computing - just 1 or 2 questions, material up through slide 25
    OpenStack - general questions, I will NOT ask you to give any specific installation commands
    WordPress on Amazon - general questions about what we did; NOT specific commands or actions